Véronique Esquerré, Artist and Art-therapist

"Creativity as a way of communication"

Artistic work - Paper Art


The artistic creation starts with the collect of different plants, seeds, seeweeds and roots in the land of South of France, Brittany beaches, foreign country-sides …
A traditional process is used for the paper making. With the addition of colours, pigments the raw materials become contents and forms, raw and cooked

Mr & Mrs collection

Inspiration comes from the illustration of couple in the African Art.

Masque Collection

Inspiration comes from the discovery of simple natural root or seed just magnificent.

Mandala collection

Search for energetic synergy between the plants, the forms of Madalas and materials collected in very special places as tibetan Wind Hourses which floated in the Lerab Ling Temple, one of the biggest Tibetan temple in europe.

Windhourse Flag collection

A spiritual note illuminates some works with Windhourse flags from the Buddhist temple Lérab Ling, near Lodève. Each flag, stamped with wishes, develops a special symbolic (colour, deity, prayer, etc.), some flags were flown during the funeral ceremonies of Khandro Tsering Chödrön, considered as the greatest female Buddhist master of our time.


Nature collection

Inspiration comes from the discovery of simple natural root or seed just magnificent.

Seashell collection

Paintings made with seashell, notably the famous pink Maison Tarbouriech' Oysters.

flower portrait

Portraits realised with flowers and painting.

Ink illustrations

Illustrations thoughts of famous Masters of Lives or simple personal experiences.

Wish Tree

Group artistic creation in hospital, Companies, market places ...

" I make a Wishes for me,

I make a Wish for others

I make a Wish for a great cause..." 

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